Unopened Letter to My Dad

*NOTE* This is a text I have written to my dad. We had another fight today. I have not sent this yet because I’m afraid he will blame me or say I am making excuses. I was eventually going to tell him in a letter but I may end up sending this. I want to tell him but every time I try, I choke.

Dad, there is something else I haven’t told you. Remember that night that I went out with my coworkers? I was sexually assaulted that night. I never went to the police because I still work with some of the people involved and I would be bullied at work. I also don’t want them to follow me home and try to break in the house.

It still hurts to talk about it and I have been spending money to try to make that hurt go away. I know it’s not the right thing to do but it’s how I’ve been coping.


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