Alcohol Education and Sexual Assault

This hits really close to home for me.

Purposefully Scarred

Are alcohol consumption and sexual assault linked?

Yes, but not in the way you’ve been led to believe.

Emily Yoffe quotes Christopher Krebs as saying (linked below):

“…when your judgment is compromised, your risk is elevated of having sexual violence perpetrated against you.”

This sounds all too familiar. As Yoffe and countless others have so eloquently warned, the best way to prevent sexual assault is telling women to stop drinking alcohol.

Alcohol consumption and sexual assault are linked, says Yoffe.

Yes, but not the way she would have us believe.

Yoffe and others have failed to understand and respect the difference between sexual violence prevention and sexual violence protection.

Ann Friedman writes (linked below):

“…alcohol consumption may contribute to some sexual assaults because it allows perpetrators to focus on their immediate feelings of sexual desire and entitlement rather than on more distal cues like the victim’s suffering or their…

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