Monsters *trigger warning*

Since I’ve started this blog a few days ago, I’ve realized how far I’ve fallen again. The nightmares are back and I barely have enough energy and motivation to even get out of bed in the morning.

The urge for self harm is back just as strong as ever. I just healed from my last razorblade romance a few weeks ago. I saw my blades on my dresser this morning and meant to grab them before I went to work but luckily forgot.

I’m not mentioning the cutting as a cry for help, I’m including it in this blog because it is one of the coping mechanisms I have started using since the incident a year and a half ago.

I’m hoping that the 7 mile run I’m doing this weekend and the tattoo will help me reroute the pain, so to speak, into healthier outlets but right now I don’t even feel like doing the race.

Anyway, at work so I’ll try to add more when I can

Shadowfox 306


2 thoughts on “Monsters *trigger warning*

  1. Hello

    sometimes one step forward feels like 10 steps back. I often go through the same thing as i have been battling with depression and anxiety for the last 2 years. You are not alone. I have however decided to be a voice for self-harmers as i too have been there. People with depression, anxiety, that have been abused. visit my blog im sure there will be something that you can take from it

    or visit.

    hope you keep on keeping on

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