Take these Broken Wings and Learn to Fly *trigger warning*

I decided to open the first “box” and start talking about what happened to me that night. This is going to be extremely difficult.

I never went to the police for what happened to me. How could I? Some people would say it is easy and it would have been the right thing to do. I worked with the guy that did it. I say that in past tense because he was fired for something else unrelated, but some of the people still involved work there. One of the girls already did damage afterwards and spread it around work that I’m a whore and it was confirmed by the other people involved. No one talked about it much after it happened. I still wonder if they really had any idea about what was going on in that front room that night, knowing that their coworker was being taken advantage of.

I had just gotten out of training for a new job working at a call center and was just put on a new program with more experienced agents. One of my coworkers was having a birthday soon and was everyone was getting together so I was invited along. I went over to my coworker’s house and had a few shots there then we went out to the strip club with them and had some beers there. As the night wore on, I kept drinking and when I tried to stop, they would shove another beer in my face even when I tried to push it away. (Sorry, crying right now) We eventually went back to the apartment and I consented to sex, but I ended up saying stop and we quit because I was almost passing out sitting up. I crashed on the couch and fell asleep with a sleeping bag over and my clothes on.

I woke up in the middle of the night and saw my coworker’s boyfriend (who also works with us) and asked for a Tylenol. He returned a few minutes later with a round blue pill and a glass of water. Something looked wrong about the pill, I have taken Tylenol enough times to recognize the pill, but my head hurt and the room was still spinning so I took it and went back to sleep.

I woke up several times during the next couple of hours to being touched and felt up. At one point, I could feel when I was actually penetrated. I was extremely groggy but sort of aware of what was happening to me, although I did not feel like I could move my body at all. It happened a few times and I remember that my female coworker got up to take someone else home and asked why the bottle of Tylenol PM was out, as well as her boyfriend locking the door behind me before groping me with the others.

I went home that morning ashamed, tired, and confused about what had happened to me. The worst part is that a month later, I took a pregnancy test to be sure nothing had happened from that night and I had a false positive.

Sorry this is all I can handle for now. I’ll post more later.



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